Existing Lawful Intercept Systems often have several shortcomings such as the Cell ID only being provided when a Target makes or receives a call or sends/receives an SMS. The lack of precise information about the location of Targets mobiles makes it exceedingly difficult to track suspected criminals and terrorists. While enhanced cell ID as mandated by E911 may not be available in all countries, Cell ID and sector ID is available on all networks, even on those where LBS infrastructure has not been installed.

VerbaTRACK allows LEAs to Track any Mobile that is switched on, in real-time, and monitor its location 24x7!


  • Tracks targets in real time anywhere in the country, including roaming Targets
  • Provides IMSI, Phone Status (Idle, Busy or Switched Off), Age of Information, BTS range and Co-ordinates within minutes
  • Location Accuracy : Cell Tower ID, sector ID or as provided by the Operator
  • Integrates with Google or any other map
  • Modes of operation - Single or recursive
  • Geo fencing and geo fencing alerts
  • Search and analyse target movement history
  • Inbuilt and customizable MIS Reports


Lawful Interception and Monitoring Solution


Tower Dump and CDR Analysis Toolkit


Passive Mass Communication Interception Solution