Lawful interception plays a crucial role in helping law enforcement agencies combat terrorists and criminal activities. Providing various Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) with the latest generation monitoring center goes a long way in preventing crime and securing a country against terrorism. VerbaCENTRE is specially designed for LEAs worldwide to intercept, monitor and Analyze all type of communication over any kind of network in a seamless manner through a user friendly graphical interface and analytical tools.

A Secure Investment - VerbaCENTRE can be upgraded to support newer technologies as they arrive. LEAs do not need a separate system for different or newer networks. This future-proof approach, ensures substantial savings in the training required to use and maintain multiple systems from different manufacturers.


  • Complies with global LI standards like ETSI, CALEA, SORM and other country specific regulations
  • Store-Forward Architecture to ensure zero data loss
  • Supports all networks - 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), CDMA, EVDO, PSTN and International Long Distance
  • Seamless Integration with ReveaLINX (for data mining and interactive visual link analysis), Subscriber Directories and Cell Tower Database
  • Scales from a single location to a countrywide distributed system
  • Unified view of Voice, Fax, SMS, Data, Location and analytics with Real time and offline access to Targets communication
  • Security - Audit Trail, Multi-level Password Protection, Bio-metric Access, Encrypted and Secured Links
  • Open Architecture, built using non-proprietary COTS (Commercial off-the-shelf) hardware and open client-server architecture


Real Time Location Tracking Solution


Tower Dump and CDR Analysis Toolkit


Passive Mass Communication Interception Solution