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Saturday, May 26, 2018



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Kommlabs’ Solution: VerbaNET
VerbaNET employs Deep Deep Packet Inspection (DDPI) technology to inspect each and every packet. By looking at each packet, VerbaNET is able to recognize 300+ applications and protocols. The VerbaNET platform affords you the following flexibility.

Create IPDRs
Create intelligent and meaningful IPDRs for 100% of the traffic. This provides you the ‘big picture’ of the entire traffic. Therefore, it becomes possible to predict events, focus on specific communication, identities and geographic locations. Since all the IPDRs can be stored from an extended period of time, it provides the ability to continuously refine intelligence and find new links or targets. In the event of an incident,it provides the capability to go back in time and do an in-depth analysis.

Smart Capture
Capture and store content of all POP3, SMTP, IMAP, Webmail, IM, Chat and VoIP sessions. Capturing 100% of all common communication provides you the ability to analyse any communication as and when you uncover an identity or to look for specific communication from a particular country, to a particular IP or E-mail etc. You can also look for keywords in stored communication as and when you get fresh intelligence.

Target Capture
Pre-Filter IP traffic in real time on the basis of Radius Login, IP addresses, E-mail/Login IDs, keywords etc.Filtering and providing only sessions that have met your Target criteria, allows you to focus on an in-depth analysis of the captured communications.

VerbaNET Workflow

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