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Saturday, May 26, 2018

ReveaLINX, WAN interception


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  • A data mining tool that focuses on relationships between entities in very large data spaces and exposes hidden links and networks.
  • Looks at ‘real-world’ relationships such as individuals, addresses, phone numbers, bank accounts and their transactions (e.g. makes a phone call, transfers funds between accounts, sends an E-mail); in fact anything that connects two things within the data set.
  • Lightning fast analytical algorithms with unique visualization to enable an analyst to interactively discover and explore networks of relationships.
  • Scales from single source data sets to very large (20 million plus), multi-source database systems.
  • There is no prescribed data format. Data can be in Text, CSV, SQL, Oracle or any other readable format.

ReveaLINX Workflow

ReveaLINX Workflow

ReveaLINX Workflow


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